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quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

As almost if by some magical 2007/8 fashion, SebastiAn‘s debut album leaked onto the internet over the weekend. After listening through it a full 3 times and numerous repeats of tracks I can say this will definitely be one of my top albums this year. His use of sampling and not making everything sound too completely distorted takes me right back to the days when I first heard about him and the Ed Banger crew. Kindercut is probably my favorite off the album, although it’s actually just a rehash of a remix he did of Sneaky Sound System back in 2007, he’s removed the parts that aren’t original done by him and created a new track which I’ve seen more artists do now-a-day when they make something they really like. Raise your hand if you want a SebastiAn 2011 US tour!

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